Wednesday 13 April 2022

Kick Start Your Sitcom Script

You’ve got some characters.

And you’ve got a situation.

You’ve even thought of some jokes.

What now? I really want to show you with a practical, hands-on session that should feel a bit like being in a writers’ room. I’ll be running it. It’s going to be great fun. I hope you can join me! It’s at 6pm on Tuesday 26th April. Find out more HERE.

In the session, we’re going to be answering a couple of key questions that you need to think about when you’re trying to kick start your sitcom and writing that pilot script.

The first question is this:

What’s the sitcom about?

Sure, it’s about some funny people who work in a shop that sells cards, gifts and party things. It’s called Big Day! (It’s a sitcom I’ve created for training purposes.) It’s a shop in a shopping mall that has you covered when it comes to special occasions for those special people.

But what’s it REALLY about?

It’s the about the characters, right? Yes, kind of. There’s Ruby, Bill, Geraldine, Amy, Donna and Wayne, who runs the coffee stand opposite.

But what’s at the heart of the show?

We need some clear idea about why we’re writing about these characters in this situation now. It’s not just about the business of selling birthday cards. Or is it?

What's the solution? How do we kick start the sitcom? Find out over HERE where there's more information about the webinar and you can sign up. It’s pay-what-you-like, mainly so I can keep track of space in the Zoom room.

Sign up here and you’ll be sent the situation and details of the characters plus a bit of homework to do in advance, and then in the webinar, you can pitch an idea either verbally or in the chat. And we’ll see what we end up with! I have no idea how this is show’s going to turn out and I can’t wait to find out. I really hope you can join me.

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