Friday 23 December 2022

Fresh Thinking for Sitcom Writing in 2023

You know what? I’ve felt pretty low at times in my career...

It feels amazing when you’ve got your own show on TV or Radio. And I’ve had that with Think The Unthinkable, which ran for four series on BBC Radio 4. And Hut 33 did three series. And Bluestone 42 ran for three series on BBC3 and was a truly amazing experience.

But no matter how many times you have that, it ends.

And that great feeling goes away.

And then doubts creep in.

Suddenly you’re not sure why you're not very busy. You get resentful and wonder what to do next.

I had that. Let me tell you what I did next and how I had to reframe my thinking.

In fact, I explained it all in a webinar with some concrete actionable advice about how you can make your writing career go better in 2023. Supercharge it!

Okay, it's a slow and painful. But are you giving yourself the best chance of success?

What have you got to lose? A pound and ninety minutes? It's pay-what-you-like, with a £1 minimum, but you could chip in more. And/or you could also get something else at the checkout that could help you hone your sitcom script, or get my mini-course on supercharging your script.

Find out more OVER HERE.

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