Monday 5 August 2013

What is the Universe Trying to Tell Us?

The Edinburgh Fringe always throws up a few little anecdotes that are worth retelling. For me, the best so far is this one that happened to Katie who's helping produce my play, The God Particle (Just the Tonic Bristo Square at Noon 'til Aug 25th (not 13). More info here).

She'd been giving flyers after shows that are vaguely related to ours, and so she found herself at the Summerhall Theatre where a play called 'Higgs' was running. Peter Higgs, of course, is the man behind the Higgs-Boson, the so-called God Particle. That's the tiny tiny thing they're all trying to find at the Large Hadron Collider. In her own words:
I handed a flyer to one elderly gentleman who read the title, looked shocked but not a little amused, and then put it in the bag he was holding and walked off. I thought that was a bit of an odd reaction.
The man he had been speaking to said: ‘You do know who that is, yes?’
‘That man IS the Higgs-Boson’
Penny slowly dropping now… ‘You mean…’
‘Yes, that was Professor Higgs’.
So there we go. The girl in the bright yellow t-shirt who accidentally gave Professor Peter Higgs a flyer for a show called ‘The God Particle’. 

Read Katie's blog here.


  1. That weird coincidences happen all the time and that they ought not to be confused with miracles/preordination, which is just nonsense?

  2. It is just a coincidence, Stuart. I agree. Not even a big one, given it took place at a play called Higgs. But I also believe that miracles and preordination are not nonsense...