Saturday 28 April 2012

Podcast about Comedy and Writing

I listen to loads of podcasts. In fact, I hardly listen to any live radio. If Radio 4 don't podcast it, I'm unlikely to listen it. I've got to be really determined to catch it on iPlayer. But I thought it might be worth sharing a few links of stuff I find genuinely useful and interesting. Just listening to people talk about comedy, writing or comedy writing is fascinating to me, obviously, but it also of interest to you, I suspect, since you're looking at this blog. So, here's my list:

Rob Long's Martini Shot - short, weekly anecdotes from the front lines of showbiz by mega-experienced Rob Long (author of the wonderful Conversations with My Agent & Set-up, Joke, Set-up, Joke.) Although his experiences and mine rarely overlap, just listening to him makes me feel excited to be a writer, and therefore cynical about the business. That's here.

UK Scriptwriters Podcast - hosted by Danny Stack & Tim Clague. A warm and up-beat monthly show about writing in Britain in UK, ranging from comedy to computer games. These guys have infectious enthusiasm as well as industry experience. Savvy without being cynical. Always a pleasure. That's here.

The Comedian's Comedian - a new podcast by Stuart Goldsmith that's mostly about stand-up comedy, but also joke mechanics and the business in general. So far, his guests have been Rob Deering, Dan Evans and Dan Antopolski. In-depth and meaty. Great stuff. Well worth having on in the car on a long journey to a gig. An hour will fly by. That's here.

What Are You Laughing At? - which features yours truly from time to time. Hosted by Dave Cohen with either me or Tony Cowards. There is chat about British comedy - mostly TV and Radio - along with a guests, including Al Murray, Jim Tavare, Watson & Oliver. The one from Edinburgh is really good too. They're all here.

I also like KCRW's The Business which is here. And there are some good ones on The Writers Guild here. And I just found Nerdist Writers Panel, but not heard any yet. That's here. Right. I've shown you mine. Now you show me yours...


  1. Some good picks, and The Nerdist Writers Panel is a great listen.

    WTF With Marc Maron is terrific, in which American stand up Maron interviews, well, mainly other American comedians; though also comic actors and writers.

    How Did This Get Made - Not about writing as such, but a very funny show in which three funny people, inluding Human Giant's Paul Scheer, look at a terrible movie and wonder how it got made.

  2. I would recommend On The Page, it's Hollywood based and has some great guests and hosts.

    Scriptnotes - John August's (Go, Charlie's Angels) podcast. Technique and stories.

    Script Magazine has one and it's mainly US TV based but all that stuff is fascinating to me.

    The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith - gets good interviews with writers.

    Nerdist Writers Panel is excellent and extensive.

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  3. Quite a few new podcasts for me to check out here - but I'll put in another vote in for the Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith - some really good interviews on there.

    As for the radio aspect of things, you can sorta magically/probably illegally turn any iplayered program into a podcast thing using radio downloader ( - I do this with a lot of shows.

  4. "writing in Britain in UK" LoL is someone wriing from the US in the United States?