Friday 10 September 2010

The Most Successful Makers of Comedy in the UK

I was talking to some comedy writers last night - and we were thinking about why we liked BBC4 so much - the comedy, the documentaries and everything else. We thought it might be because the budgets are so small that anyone making a show isn't doing it for the money, but for the sheer love of it. People with passion are making TV they are passionate about, and figuring out a way of putting it on the screen. Their documentaries are superb for that reason - full of content, and people telling you stuff, rather than atmos, filler and 'coming up later, I'll be telling you about something juicy'.

And think about BBC4's sitcom output for a moment: The Thick of It, Lead Balloon, Getting On, The Great Outdoors. Throw in Screenwipe, We Need Answers and the delightful Diary of a Nobody, The Alan Clarke Diaries and Micromen it's rapidly looking like BBC4 is the HBO of British television. Has BBC4 had any out-and-out comedy failures? There were some shows that weren't to my personal taste, but there has been nothing out there that's really been bad, has there?

BBC4: The HBO of Britain. I salute you. (And it is really true your comedy budget has now been slashed to zero? Clever. With no budget at all, the quality should go through the roof!)


  1. Good point! I've just looked down this list here:

    Can't see a single failure. Cowards and Freezing can be added to your list of great BBC4 shows!

  2. BBC4: The HBO of Britain? You are joking. In what way was the Diary of a Nobody anything like the kind of dramas that you get on HBO. It was like watching an audiobook.

  3. Surely the you mean BBC Radio 4! If only for the hilarious and cerebral 'Think the Unthinkable' and the laughter zone central that is 'Hut 33';) Thanks for all the giggles you funny fella!

  4. Miranda, and Miranda Hart's Jokeshop were terrible.

  5. Surely you mean BBC RADIO 4! Where else would we hear the sublime 'Think the Unthinkable' or the laugh riot 'Hat 33' ;)?
    Thanks for all the gigglies Jam!