Tuesday 2 February 2010

Classic British BBC Self-Forgetfulness

In the Loop is a movie based on a humble low-budget single-camera BBC sitcom called The Thick of It. It's a bit of a hidden national treasure. I have just witnessed proof of its hidden-ness. I watched the nominations read out live on BBC News 24 - including In the Loop's nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Mark Kermode was talking about the it afterwards with a news anchor lady. They talked for a full fifteen minutes about everything and everyone who was nominated, without once even mentioning In the Loop. Then the cut to the weather and then into the news headlines on the hour. Bafflingly self-deprecating (or forgetful) BBC. Auntie Beeb - you have spawned an Oscar (thanks to some splendid British writers called Ianucci, Blackwell, Roche and Armstrong). Rejoice!

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