What Even Is A Comedy Drama?


Good question. No-one seems to know when you ask them. The answer usually begins with a 'Well, that depends...'. That is if you even get an answer. More likely, you'll get a shrug of the shoulders. Commissioners will say that 'it's up to you and your imagination.' Thanks. Seriously. Thanks.

There's a BBC Writersroom window closing on 6th Jan 2021 and they are accepting comedy dramas. So we should probably figure it out before then, right But how?

Here's a start: Watch my video that's just over half an hour. Clear some time to watch the whole thing as I think you'll a few practical pointers all the way through, as well as some crucial questions to ask of your script.

The video below is free to watch. Free. Zero pounds, dollars or yen. You just need to register for it and subscribe to the Situation Room mailing list, then you'll get straight through and can watch it at your leisure as many times as you like. (And unsubscribe to the mailing list obvs)

Watch the video

Getting your head around comedy drama when you can't get answers from anyone