Wednesday 15 July 2015

Bluestone 42: Over and Out

Statement from James Cary and Richard Hurst, Creators/Writers of Bluestone 42

We’re sad to announce that Bluestone 42 will not be returning for a fourth series. Overall, it was felt that the show had run its course, with the return of the troops from Afghanistan, and the move of BBC3 to an online platform.

Bluestone 42 ran for 21 episodes over three series, was critically well-received, and was repeated on BBC1 and BBC2.

Its most recent series achieved higher audience figures than the first two, with a total of over two million viewers tuning in on average each week.

The Army – in particular XI EOD, the Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal regiment – took the show and the characters to their hearts and assisted us greatly in creating a show that valued accuracy as much as comedy. Cpl Daniel Whittingham, interviewed in The Guardian, said "People who aren't in the military might think comedy isn't the best way to show what war is like. I disagree, and most soldiers I know think Bluestone 42 is spot-on, too.”

We were also proud that many of the cast raised money several times for the Felix Fund, the bomb disposal charity.

We would like to thank BBC3 for backing the show in the first place, and giving us the creative freedom to pursue our vision for the first comedy set during a war that was still being fought.

We are also very grateful for a superb cast and crew both in UK and South Africa who worked with professionalism, resilience and good humour throughout the process, especially on some very demanding filming days in very hot weather with some very tight budgets. And around some very loud bangs. Everyone can be proud of what we achieved together.

Carry on.


  1. Very sad news, very graciously delivered. You've left us wanting more, there's no doubt about that, which is the best possible ending for any sitcom... I hope one day you'll tell us about your plans for the future of the series... and the characters...

    Would it be too much to hope for at least a DVD of the third series to complete my collection...?

  2. Really think there should have been a final series of bluestone42 featuring simon being tracked down and rescued & catching up with the team back in civi street/barracks etc like catching up with nick,padre and to see what rocket and co do outside the arny

  3. Is there going to be a movie or Christmas special at least to top off what happens to them especially Simon it was pretty depressing for me

  4. please do another xmas special !

  5. Is there at least going to be a movie or Xmas special to say what happens to the team and especially Simon the end was actually depressing to me and left me devastated

  6. Sad but not unexpected. Funny how Foyle's War was written well after WWII and was also successful. I think perhaps this is a BBC decision rather than your own. Now had it been a cookery programme.................

  7. Christmas special! Hoorah that. (wrong army, never mind.)
    Would love to know what happened to these characters next. (Also Rev.)
    Maybe just a couple of blog pages? Would raise more money for Felix Fund?
    Congratulations to all concerned. Great show.

  8. Absolutely on the ball

    I can recognise most of the characters from my 2 tours with 11 Regt

    Obviously no names no pack drills