Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bluestone 42

So, it's here. And I can finally talk about it. The idea about a counter-IED unit, called Bluestone 42, in Afghanistan that Richard Hurst and I first pitched in June 2011, which is now going to be 8 episodes on BBC3 starting next month.  Directed by Iain B MacDonald. Produced by Michelle Farr. Exec produced by Stephen McCrum. See pic. Oh, you have. (Click on it and it gets bigger. Left to right it's Stephen Wight, Kelly Adams, Gary Carr, Oliver Chris, Keeno Lee Hector, Scott Hoatson, Jamie Quinn, Tony Gardner and Katie Lyons.) Anyway, more information will appear on this blog over the next few weeks. Feel free to ask any questions as comments and I'll try to get to them soon.


  1. I like this blue stone so much , Thanks

  2. 8 episodes?? We are on episode 7 already, please tell me there's more, I can't bear it if that's it...and I never watch TV but I am totally addicted to this.